Angel with a KDC face
I was contacted three weeks ago to do this painting for a music festival in my hometown. I was so proud to be involved in such a good project and to have the chance to show my imagination to the people who were supposed to come over there. The painting was supposed to be strictly connected with music. The space is a covered area with a hidden upper part where you put anything you want to be discovered. The main idea was to draw a Led Zeppelin angel falling on earth, who was running in front of the people. The second thing I'd like to show was the Kurt Donald Cobain face, that for me is one of the last important musician who played on earth. The third element was the connection with God's music through the angel's headphones. Because you can say everything but the music is some kind of God's (man) speaking. The last but not least were the hidden broken wings: the only chance he has to run away from that place is hidden and broken. He's a damned angel felt on earth to spread the power of music. This sound as an heavy metal concept i know!!! But tHat's rock baby! :D Unfortunately they chooses another draw with a locomotive. I hope it's gonna be good. Anyway it was fun to be free.
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