Holy Family
When they asked me to do this painting I was super happy. Can you imagine doing something for two heroes like Falcone & Borsellino were in the fight against all the mafia in Italy. The only key point I expressed was that i didn't want to paint them. They agreed. The main idea was to draw a family, happy, and cool, who looked at the people from the main square of this small town, as an everyday reminder of how we can defeat all kind of injustice: talking, looking and being united. The painted during the exhibition day was covered on the main figure faces with some drapes that should be removed by all the sun & rain that will hit the painting during all his exposed life. The family is all naked, without any covers and defense more than their conscience and self love. on the back of the family there are the flames of hell, on the bottom the blue of the water, that contains some of the citizens signature like they said they agree with the mood. It's an act they do with the painting, forever and ever, and with all the people who signed with them. Is some kind of liberation, a self conscience that I hope the citizens and the figures will face on everyday life. As Falcone said mafia can only grow where people let mafia grows, and as Borsellino said if you are scared you die thousand times, when you are not you only die once. I am proud of this work, and of all the people who trusted me. At the end also Pino mascara (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pino_Masciari) a contemporary italian hero came to see it… and this means a lot to me.
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