Wake Up Music festival 2012
There's a period when you deserve to put more energy into a project, to communicate something else than the pure meaning of the Adv. This was what I was thinking about doing this work: let's push a message, of energy and power. A positive message. In a period of fighting like the time goes by, I thought this could be the right way: a war against stupidity, mass marketing, music ignorance and fear of what is new. This should be the mission for an artist, and if you start from the point that a DJ is an artist in full effect,it does came the image of him with the fire vinyl fighting against the horde of people zombies who look forward to listen always to the same music, who waits the obvious without thinking about what is really necessary in life: curiosity & love. I liked so much the work that i declined the image at least on every format. You can download the wallpaper pack right here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/78434327/wallpapers.zip
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