The Kiss ://Lovers
A door painting done in a place in my hometown, representing love, unity and choice.
When at this bar they asked me to paint a door I started to think that I love to leave my painting in a public enviroment, instead of leaving them into a closed and private area. Itìs like giving to them a bit of life. This painting is supposed to go on a toilet door.For both man and woman. I was thinking about an image that can fix both the gender, without being to obvius by the meaning of the door entrance. That's why i thought about a Kiss, a couple representation that shows both of them with a connected perspective. The man's hand on the door invites the people to go in while the blue woman hands on the man's back means the detachment. The four arms represent a precise moment of changing the state into a loving way for the embraced ones, wile the end is represented by the other two. Love means always a condition of choice, of being where you want to be. By Your choice. Life is yours, mine is mine.
I started by trying to imagine how a kiss could be. After i used a pencil to trace the main lines. The point is to understand the space the image will be fixed in and to try to look at the body proportions. I like to create them and destry them following what I feel in the moemnt I am painting. this time it took me sic hours to finih this painting, and I should promised I didn't felt the time passing by.
I like most the way the woman face cam out, she has a deep eye colume and i think you can understand the mouth volume by the colours. I used a square brush to do the details and a rough wall brush for the main colour backgrounds. The good thing in using acrilique is when the paint melt is a bit like oil and you can work easy on the details and shapes with the same brush all over the painting.
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