World of Lùmina - Homage
An homage to Lùmina - - a kickstarter comic, who get all found rises and just did it independently.
When I asked Emanuele Tenderini to do an homage to Lumina -… I was really excited.
Lùmina is a COMIC BOOK project midway between Sci-FI and Fantasy created by Linda Cavallini and Emanuele Tenderini, rised on kickstarter and succedeed on rising the funds. The story tells the story of the journey and growing up of Kite and Miriam through an imaginative evolution of amazing environments. Fraternal love, ecology and respect for all living things are the backbone themes of this story. 
The project will be characterised by its painstaking eye to the aesthetic layout for which the two authors, working with two hands on the drawing board, will create a workflow similar to the one used to create modern “animations”: original and dynamic human figures will stand out against finely detailed and extremely atmospheric environments.
When he told me "yes" and he told me that he really appreciates my work I was honoured. I took this "work" seriously: to draw for me is kinda an extreme experience who get me involved into a trip of design and illustration. The borders are always really thin when you are talking about colour and composition. I start always to draw it by hand, I use illustrator to do the borders and photoshop to colour the draw. All with the mouse.
Please, enjoy everything and have fun. Thank you
The pencils
The illustrator borders
… and Photoshop.
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