Nameless Music Festival 2015
The graphic design project for Nameless Music festival 2015. From the logo to the adv design, the social media design and the dedicated iOS app design
This is the third year of Anight's Nameless Music Festival. We are growing bigger and bigger. As my design working is going to a new dimension. This year I was focusing mostly on the matte style, my goal was to create a planet that could contain the world of dance music into it. If you look carefully at the "N" symble you can notice there is a hearth made of lights who is surrounded by a red disco sphere who pulses. All around you have a web of features typical of a dance festival as Nameless is.
Those are some of the NMF featured artists: Benny Benassi, Oliver Eldens, Vinai, Blasterjaxx, Umet Ozcan, Borgore, Tujamo, Wiweck and many more. It was twice the 2014 edition and Honestly it was a great satisfaction.
The 3D animation of the logo was created by Francesco Barbic upon what was my concept on the logo itself. You can notice the red shell, with the universe of elements turning around it and the music heart pulsing inside.
iOS app
For the first time a dedicated iOS app was developed just for Nameless. You were able to follow the artists, check the timelines, do some selfies with special NMF dedicated skins, play some social games, buy your ticket and do your hotel or camping reservations.
Social Networking.
I designed the style for the Facebook adv images, creating a coherent setting who can give to the Festival a unique image from one step to the other. I wanted to create a serie of clear and unique simbology based upon shapes, font, and elements such as the web, the image treatment, and the squared pattern.
Nowadays Nameless Music festival can be considered as the biggest electronic music event in Italy with more than 30000 attendants and more than 36000 active followers on its Facebook page. It's focused more on the EDM scene instead than other electronic music scene, but it had even a stage two with some outsiders from the underground italian music scene.
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